World Of Handcraft – Cute Knitted Items!

Back in September, my husband and I were at the Etsy Made In Canada Show to launch our new business The Rear Gunner Clothing Company. The booth next to us World Of Handcraft was full of cute knitted things from gloves to hats. I particularly fell in love with a pair of cute mermaid gloves and the owner Alejandra and I got chatting. I found out that she had no pattern for these mermaid fingerless gloves and she just watches Netflix and makes them. I told her I wish I were that talented and that her hats were so cute. Then she just gave me the gloves! I asked her if she was sure and she said that I had said so many nice things about her work that I could keep them. 

I was in shock at how sweet she was. I told her that I’m a fashion blogger and that I would love to share her adorable gloves with my readers. So here they are, with an outfit of course!

Hat: H&M (Similar) // Sunglasses: Coach (Similar) // Scarf: Walmart (Similar) // Fingerless Gloves: World Of Handcraft // Tank Top: Giant Tiger (Similar) // Cardigan: Walmart (Similar) // Pants: Smart Set (Similar) // Boots: Old Navy


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