Tuesday’s OOTW – Wine With Everything

I am loving my toque from Holly at ilex.every.day because it’s a lovely shade of wine and keeps me toasty warm. The fake fur pom-pom on it is the most awesome finishing touch. Paired with my cobalt parka, jazzy scarf, and thrifted $10 Sam Edelman snakeskin booties (which are $120 new) and winter isn’t so bleak and boring anymore. I’m so glad that there are other options for coats nowadays other than the standard black, brown, and gray. Although those are classic and very chic colours, I look too washed out in those colours due to my fair skin and red hair. Would you wear a bright coloured coat for winter? Let me know in the comments below.

Knitted Hat: c/o ilex.every.day // Sunglasses: Joe Fresh // Scarf: ??? // Gloves: Reitmans // Coat: Sears // Cardigan: Joe Fresh // Tank Top: Giant Tiger // Cords: Joe Fresh // Booties: Thrifted Sam Edlemans

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Hello! I'm Joelle and this is my Canadian fashion blog with my dog. My family consists of God, my soulmate Tim, my son James, and my co-blogger Zeke the Boston Terror. In my spare time (Hahaha, good one!) I'm praying, singing, reading, drinking tea, or eating some very hot wings.

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