Tuesday’s OOTW – Military

Know what’s better than owning a Phillip Lim 3.1 purse from the Target collection? Getting one for free! I won my purse from a blog giveaway. I don’t win stuff very often, so you can tell I’m pretty stoked. I’m also pretty happy about my brand new eight dollar skinny jeans from Old Navy. They have a black stripe up the leg on each side (which I think is uniform-like), so I thought I’d team them up with my military jacket. Underneath my jacket is an interesting top I found at Forever 21. The shoulder jewels add that extra punch that a grey sweatshirt material top normally wouldn’t have.

Where am I in Edmonton this time? I’m at Government House which is located on the Alberta Museum property. Here’s some info about Government House:


Jacket $25 Old Navy (similar) // Shirt $12 Forever 21 (Couldn’t find anything similar but would be a simple DIY. Buy a grey tank top and sew or glue jewels on the shoulders.) // Rhinestone Bracelet $1 eBay // Silver & Black Bracelet $5 Smart Set (similar) // Spiked Bracelet $4 eBay (similar) // Purse (free from giveaway at Evelina’s Fashion Cafe blog) (similar) // Jeans Old Navy (in stores now) // Booties $20 WALMART (similar)









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