My Recent Clothing Haul

Happy Holy Thursday to those celebrating!

I have been madly updating my spring/summer wardrobe lately and thought I’d take a moment to share with you the recent things I have purchased and love.

First off these gorgeous embroidered jeans. I saw them online at Nordstrom’s and feel in love immediately. However at $175 CDN I didn’t love the price. So I scored these babies online for $40 and never looked back. I have styled them recently and will be blogging more about them soon. Go here to grab a pair of your own.

I have hated pink my entire life until a month ago. Now I gotta have all the pink. So when I saw these stunning shoes I had to add them to my collection. Get your own here.

I call these lovelies my “Kendra Not” earrings. They are resin, but look so much like Kendra Scott earrings I thought I’d buy them for $4. They are great! Click here to buy them.

I have wanted a saddle bag like the Chloé ones forever. I was super happy to find this similar one for $45 CDN. The photos seriously don’t do it justice. And it comes in other colours too. Go grab your own here.

And if you’re into white lace and pom poms then this dress is a great pick. I’m 5’8″ and find it a bit too short on me so I’ll be wearing it as a long tunic, but for you petite gals it would be perfect. Head here to grab one.

So I hope this post inspires you to put the spring back in your wardrobe. What things are you looking to buy for a wardrobe update?

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Hello! I'm Joelle and this is my Canadian fashion blog with my dog. My family consists of God, my soulmate Tim, my son James, and my co-blogger Zeke the Boston Terror. In my spare time (Hahaha, good one!) I'm praying, singing, reading, drinking tea, or eating some very hot wings.


  1. That white dress is absolutely gorgeous! And those jeans are super pretty as well. I can’t wait to see how you’re gonna style those.

  2. I was never a pink person either, but I love the blush pink/dusty pink!!! Those shoes are life!! I have a similar pair!!! I have been updating my wardrobe with prints and white blouses with modern touches and details.

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