Looking Good In A Flash!

Okay, as I have mentioned more than once in this blog I am not a morning person. It really doesn’t matter how much sleep I get, I still hit the snooze bar an average of two times per morning and barely drag my butt out from under the sheets in time to get ready for the day. I have found that I only need a few minutes to do the basics and I still manage to look put together. I will share this with you, so when you have a time constraint you can also look good.

First lightly apply foundation if you wish to. Then apply concealer where you need it, for me this means under the eyes and on my nose. I skip the powder but for those with oily skin, lightly dust with powder. Use a light eye shadow (white or pale pink for fair skin, champagne or pale gold for medium skin, pink/gold or pale bronze for dark skin) to highlight under the eyebrow and on the inside corners of the eye. This makes you look more awake. If I have more time I also apply eyeliner on my upper lash line. Also make sure to curl your lashes and apply mascara on your upper lashes only. By doing this you will draw attention away from dark under eye circles and wrinkles. Lastly, apply some blush and tinted lip balm or lipstick and you’re ready to go!

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  1. Apparently Bobbi Brown has said that if you spend longer than 5 minutes putting make-up on, then you’ve got too much on! So I agree, you only need a few minutes!


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