Friday’s Faux Paw


Today faux paw flies in the face of today’s exhibitionism. I’m talking about wearing revealing clothing. Many women think that sexy equals less clothing but this simply not true. Yes many times “less is more” but not when it comes to your clothes. The way to fix this is to show skin selectively. For example, if you’re wearing a short skirt, cover up your upper body. If your blouse displays a bit of cleavage. then wear a longer skirt. Also try wearing a sheer top, with a nice camisole underneath it, or something that shows your shoulders, back, or even toes. Leaving something to the imagination makes you all the more interesting. Wearing something overtly revealing makes you look cheap and people might think that you’re all body and no mind. So ladies let’s be classy not trashy!


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I am Joelle's co-blogger. I will play fetch any time day or night. I write Friday's Faux Paw telling everyone what not to do style wise. Woof.


  1. Amen to this! Also, I just found your blog and can I say it is absolutely adorable! And so entertaining! Keep it up!

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