Friday’s Faux Paw


I love muffins – and every type of food for that matter! However muffins do not belong on top of your jeans. I’m speaking of the dreaded muffin top. I know we don’t have perfect bodies. However, low-rise jeans on people who have a bit more curves, making the stomach and sides spill over is not attractive at all. Some ways of avoiding this faux paw is to buy jeans that fit. Do not care about what size they are – cut the tag out once you buy them if you have to. Just worry about fit and how they look – nothing else. If you don’t feel like the goddess you are, then they are not the right jeans for you. Go for mid-rise or a classic fit instead. I don’t mean high-rise (high-waisted) as they are not flattering on most people – just a pair that is a bit above your navel instead of below it. My rating for this faux paw is:



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