Friday’s Faux Paw

Working out is a great way to combat aging, have more energy, and stay thin – so great that humans have special outfits to do it in. I workout everyday too by running around the yard, going for walks, and playing a mean game of tug o’ war or frisbee. Then a company came along that rhymes with “foofoo zemin” and decided it’s okay to wear workout gear shopping, doing errands, to work, family functions, and *gasp* to church. THIS IS NOT OKAY! Workout gear belongs on humans when they are working out! And from what I’ve seen, many of the humans who are wearing workout gear haven’t been working out and shouldn’t be wearing anything form fitting. Those who follow a brand because everyone else does are sheeple – people who are sheep. At least throw on a pair of jeans. People will respect you more.



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I am Joelle's co-blogger. I will play fetch any time day or night. I write Friday's Faux Paw telling everyone what not to do style wise. Woof.


  1. LOL HAHAHAHAHA I feel the same way! We went to Disneyland last week, and you know how I could tell that someone was an Albertan? THEY WERE WEARING LULULEMON FROM HEAD TO TOE on the plane AND at the park.

    • Thanks for your comment, Tracy! That definitely shows a lack of creativity. I wear the same thing head to toe each day, but that’s only because I’m a dog. At least it’s a tuxedo. Woof.

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