Friday’s Faux Paw

I love the look of suits on people, but along with them comes a fashion faux paw. When you buy a jacket, skirt, or coat that has a vent/slit on the back or sides, sometimes it has a loose “X” stitch holding the vent together. It’s a temporary tack stitch intended to keep the vent from opening/creasing while the jacket, skirt or coat is hanging in the store. After you buy the item, it is your job to cut and remove this thread IMMEDIATELY! A man in an Armani suit, Ferragamo shoes, wearing a Rolex will look like an idiot when he turns around revealing the tack stitch he didn’t remove. The hobbling lady in the classy pencil skirt will not be able to walk properly until she too removes the “X” stitch. Talk about going from a ten to a two on the style scale instantly.
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I am Joelle's co-blogger. I will play fetch any time day or night. I write Friday's Faux Paw telling everyone what not to do style wise. Woof.

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