Friday’s Faux Paw

I see this faux paw often and it’s a shame as it’s really something easy to not do. I’m talking about women over forty wearing frosted/shiny/sparkly/glittery eye shadow. When you’re in your twenties you can pretty much get away with any type of eye shadow. As women get older, it’s best to use only matte eye shadow because it stays on better, and it won’t amplify every wrinkle making you look older than you actually are. If you find that you have wrinkly eye lids before you are forty, the same rule applies. If you insist on using a frosted eye shadow, only apply it on your brow bone as a highlighter because there usually aren’t many wrinkles there. Over forty and blessed with wrinkle-free lids? Then hats off to you! Please write Joelle and let her know your secret because she’d love to talk to you. If this is indeed the case, then go for a frosted or satin shadow, but do skip the outright sparkly glittery options unless you are modelling, acting, pole-dancing, or rockstarring. Yes I just made up a word. Because if you don’t, I’ll give you this rating:


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