Friday’s Faux Paw

This faux paw falls in the realm of “You’ve got to be crazy if you thought that this was a good idea!”. I blame the runways for this but retailers should have been intelligent enough to see that this was a look that should have stayed on the runways and not made it into stores. I speak of the dreaded sneaker wedges. These are shoes that are not even worthy of chewing. They are clunky, ugly, and way too warm for summer. I wonder who had the brilliant idea of taking a sneaker and a wedge and putting them together. This is clearly a case of two rights making a wrong. I guess if you’re crying out to be different and noticed, by the time fall rolls around all of these beauties will be marked down and you will have a great selection of them.

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I am Joelle's co-blogger. I will play fetch any time day or night. I write Friday's Faux Paw telling everyone what not to do style wise. Woof.

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