Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish Giveaway – And More!

With fall here and nail polish is still going strong, we thought we’d give away one of our favourite brands of nail polish – Sinful Colors. Up for grabs are six bottles of this wonderful polish in the following colours: Courtney Orange, Easy Going, Aqua, San Francisco, Daddy’s Girl, and Clear Coat for a nice shiny top coat.

polish page

Clockwise from top left: Courtney Orange, Easy Going, Aqua, San Francisco. Centre: Daddy’s Girl Clear Coat not pictured.

But wait, there’s more! (I always wanted to use that phrase!) Included in this giveaway is a lovely black and gold stretch bracelet which is totally on trend at this moment.


I’m not done yet! (Love these cliches.) Also included in this giveaway is a jazzy lipstick case, ’cause no one likes having their lipstick come uncapped and roll around in one’s purse. Total value of this giveaway is $50!


So what are you waiting for? Don’t delay! Enter now!!! (Cliches done.)


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