Tuesday’s OOTW – Vested Interest

A fur vest was alone at Walmart. He looked pretty sad and out of place with all the other clothes. That and the fact that he was only $15, I felt compelled to do something about his plight and take him home, not having a clue how to style him. My other clothes mocked him saying, “Joelle doesn’t wear stuff like you. You are just going to sit in the closet – FOREVER!!!” Yeah clothes can be mean. One bright fall morn, I woke up and declared, “Today is the day, fur vest. I know exactly what to wear with you!” And today’s OOTW was born! What do you think? Would you wear a fur vest? Let me know in the comments below.

Hat: eBay // Sunglasses: Amazon.ca (Online Now) // Vest: Walmart // Blouse: Thrifted // Jeans: Thrifted // Boots: Suzy Shier






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Hello! I'm Joelle and this is my Canadian fashion blog with my dog. My family consists of God, my soulmate Tim, my son James, and my co-blogger Zeke the Boston Terror. In my spare time (Hahaha, good one!) I'm praying, singing, reading, drinking tea, or eating some very hot wings.


  1. You look really great in this look,such a cute hat

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