Tuesday’s OOTW – Netflix, Nachos, & Naps

I love watching Netflix after the wee one goes to bed. Currently I’m watching Drop Dead Diva and I’m enjoying it way more than I thought I would. It’s actually pretty engaging. I also love nachos – loaded ones with lots of jalapeño. And naps? I can’t seem to fall asleep in the middle of the day, but I love to lie down for a few minutes and just rest. I decided to buy a shirt that expresses my love for these three things. So here it is styled with a leopard print jacket, some gold jeans, and velvet shoes. I feel like such a rebel. A rebel who goes to bed at 11pm each night. 😉

Sunglasses: Coach // Choker: Bella’s Treasure Jewelry // Jacket: ? // Bag: Smart Set (Similar) // Shirt: Romwe.com (Similar) // Jeans: Joe Fresh (Similar)// Shoes: Old Navy (In Stores Now)

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Hello! I'm a Canadian fashion blogger with my dogger. My family consists of God, my soulmate Tim, my son James, and my co-blogger Zeke the Boston Terror. In my spare time (Hahaha, good one!) I'm praying, singing, reading, drinking tea, or eating some very hot wings.

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