Tuesday’s OOTW – I Wear Short Shorts!

I am in total denial that fall is coming. So I will be defiant and post my last photos of me enjoying my summer in short shorts.

What happens when you are on a photo shoot for multiple outfits and you forget shoes for a particular outfit? You strap on some thrifted gold Guess heels, that’s what. I’m surprised by how much I’ve worn these $8 shoes this summer. I’m also surprised by how comfortable they are. And they ended up looking kinda cool how they dressed up a simple tank top and patterned shorts combo. Thrifting to the rescue!!

Tank Top: Giant Tiger // Bracelets: Smart Set // Shorts: Suzy Shier // Shoes: Thrifted

tank top patterned shorts gold heels

tank top patterned shorts gold heels

gold heels patterned shorts

tank top patterned shorts gold heels

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