Tuesday’s OOTW – Horsing Around

I am no longer a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte virgin! Friday I was in Target checking to see what was left of the Phillip Lim collection (I was on on vacation when it launched) and after buying some things, I moseyed over to Target’s Starbucks and purchased said latte. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! I normally do not like Starbucks coffee, but I can see why so many other fashionistas are addicted to this beverage. I must pretend this has never taken place because I don’t have the funds at this point in time to feed a new addiction as I already have a clothing/shoe/accessory one. Maybe I will find a homemade version on Pinterest. One can dream…

Every year in the fall since we started dating, (except for the year we went on a hot air balloon ride) Tim and I go to Pegasus Stables for some horseback riding. So after Mass on Sunday, we hit the dusty trail. What a gorgeous day! My outfit was missing one thing though – cowboy boots which are now on my wishlist.

Shirt Old Navy $10 (similar) // Vest Old Navy $15 (similar) // Jeans WAL-MART $20 (similar) // Boots WAL-MART $20 (similar)








So what did you do this weekend?

Entered in  the IFB Project #115: Attidude of Plaiditude and I got chosen! Check it out here.

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