Tuesday’s OOTW – Flower Power

I just got back from Saskatoon on Sunday night and I’m still catching up on sleep. For my Mom being a senior, she is way busier than me! Her and James (my toddler) got along great. To save the environment we need to find a way of using them as a power source. 

I definitely have jumped on the embroidery trend in a big way so when I saw this dress, I had to have it. I thought it is a wee bit short for someone of my uhm *cough* age. Then I thought I’m going to rock it anyway. The great news is that I can also wear it into fall with some leggings or over the knee boots. But for now I brazenly am rocking bare legs and my wine booties with this embroidered beauty. One great thing about being over forty is that I care less and less with each passing year what others think. So would you say “yes” to this dress? Let me know in the comments below.

Hair Extensions: eBay // Earrings: Aliexpress (Similar) // Dress: eBay (Similar) // Booties: Old Navy (Similar)

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