Tuesday’s OOTW – Can’t Make The Scene…

I love green and given the opportunity I’d probably wear some form of it every day. I agree with the quote from the movie The Mask – “You can’t make the scene if you ain’t got the green.” Yeah I know he was referring to money, but Pantone agrees with me because every season green seems to be sneaking into the most popular colours. This spring it’s the colours Greenery and Kale. But for me, I love a good emerald green. I must admit when I first saw this coat in a magazine I let our a “Squeee!” of happiness. I hauled butt to my nearest Old Navy store and bought it immediately. That was a few years ago, but I still get lots of compliments while wearing it. It’s also a wool blend so it keeps me nice and toasty warm. Do you have a favourite coat? Let me know in the comments below.

Hat: Thrifted // Earrings: Walmart // Scarf: Mad Hatter // Coat: Old Navy // Gloves: Reitmans // Pants: Forever 21 // Boots: Giant Tiger

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Hello! I'm Joelle and this is my Canadian fashion blog with my dog. My family consists of God, my soulmate Tim, my son James, and my co-blogger Zeke the Boston Terror. In my spare time (Hahaha, good one!) I'm praying, singing, reading, drinking tea, or eating some very hot wings.

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