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Tuesday’s OOTW – Happy Anniversary!

On Tuesday August the 12th Tim and I marked our tenth anniversary of being together. We decided to celebrate by recreating our first date at the Earl’s we first met. I also wore the exact outfit I wore for our first date and Tim remembered it! August 12th also represents the first day we met each other in person. You see, we “met” online on lavalife a month prior, but just emailed back and forth on their site. Yes it’s always best to be careful online because you never know what kind of freak you are dealing with. At the time I was getting ready to pack to move back to my hometown of Saskatoon because I had finished my Theatre Arts degree (now as I ask people at McDonald’s if they want fries with that, I can belt out show tunes). After meeting Tim, something in my heart told me to stay. It turned out that Tim wasn’t a freak and this fall we will be married for six years. And I don’t work at McDonald’s. Actually it was Burger King. Many years ago.

Necklace Aldo $12 (similar) // Cardigan COSTCO $15 (similar) // Shirt ?? (Same colours minus the white.) // Skirt ?? (similar) // Shoes Zellers $20 (similar)

IMG 1687 682x1024 Tuesdays OOTW   Happy Anniversary!
IMG 1699 1024x682 Tuesdays OOTW   Happy Anniversary!
IMG 1702 682x1024 Tuesdays OOTW   Happy Anniversary!
IMG 1695 682x1024 Tuesdays OOTW   Happy Anniversary!
TJ Tuesdays OOTW   Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary, Bugs! (As seen on Instagram.)

 Tuesdays OOTW   Happy Anniversary!

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Hello! I'm a Canadian blogger with my doggers. Clothes But Not Quite is our fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog created to help others look and feel their best. I love God, my soulmate Tim, my baby James, and my co-bloggers Zeke and Cooper the Boston Terrors. In my spare time I'm shopping the local mall, writing, travelling, reading, eating some very hot wings or all of the above.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! You guys look so adorable together! Wishing you many, MANY more years of happiness together! This September it’ll be 24 years for us HOLY. ;)

    • Thanks so much! 24 years?!? I can’t believe it. Congrats! This September we will be married 6 years. September is a great month to get married in.

  2. Joelle, I’m just super impressed you can fit into an outfit from 2004 only months after James arrived! Now that I think about it, it’s also impressive that you still have an outfit from 2004! Ten years ago I was wearing crop tops with short, navy hair, a look I don’t think I’ll be revisiting anytime soon! ;)


    • Thanks so much for the compliment, Anne! To be honest I put the outfit away years ago in a memory box where I store things that are special to me. I was super happy when I remembered I still had it. Because I’m an avid shopper, the rest of my wardrobe is probably 2010 or newer. It’s funny that crop tops and navy hair are totally in style right now. You were very ahead of your time! :D

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