Five Fabulous Fall Outfits For Under $100

I know no one wants to think about this, but fall is on its way. The weather is getting chillier, the days are getting shorter, and stores are getting their fall fashions. I originally wrote this article for my first time as a guest blogger on the blog Bronzed Sundaze so the prices are in US dollars. So I guess here in Canada, it’s Five Fabulous Outfits For Under $150 – still a pretty good deal though.

Here they are:

Casual – H&M
Top $20 // Scarf $20 // Jeans $20 // Boots $35
Total Cost: $95
Working Out – Old Navy
Jacket $28 // Shirt $15 // Pants $23 // Sneakers $25
Total Cost: $91
Career JCPenney
Suit Jacket $40 // Top $13 // Shoes $16 // Pants $30
Total Cost: $99
Date Night or Girl’s Night Out Forever 21
Top $20 // Shoes $27 // Purse $20 // Bracelet $6 // Pants $20
Total Cost: $93
Dressy Target
Bracelet $16 // Dress $25 // Necklace $17 // Shoes $40
Total Cost: $98

Hope you enjoyed my post and you’re now ready for fall!
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  1. Love em all!! 😀

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