A Great Invention

On Saturday my baby brother got married. Up until then my Mom had a minor dilemma. It was minor, but a dilemma nonetheless. You see, my Mom wanted to wear open toes shoes, but she didn’t want to wear nylons with them – and neither should any of you if you pay attention to our blog. (Check out Zeke’s entry on that topic here.) I told her to go without nylons  but she told me she wouldn’t feel comfortable bare-legged as her legs were too white from winter.

So the big day arrived and she told me she was wearing nylons. I was confused as it looked like she wasn’t. Then she told me that she bought toeless nylons. I had never even heard of such  thing, but sure enough that’s what she was wearing. So I thought if I didn’t know about such a thing, then maybe others don’t know, so here I am letting you know that they exist and they look awesome!

Here are some brands that make them:

Silkies 65 Degree Control Top Toeless Pantyhose $10
Berkshire Queen Ultra Sheer Control Top Toeless Pantyhose $6
Hanes Silk Reflection Ultra Sheer Toeless Control Top Pantyhose 3-Pack $25
You can hold saying “thank-you” until I get back because I’m off to the store to get me some of these! Finally I will wear my open toed shoes a whole lot more. You’re welcome.

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