Friday’s Faux Paw

Dresses and skirts are beautiful on women. Know what is not beautiful? Today’s faux paw. You will never look good when your dress/skirt is sticking to your nylons or skin. Luckily there are many easy ways to fix this problem. Wear a slip, spray the dress with an anti-static dryer sheet, spray your dress using a spritzer bottle filled with water, use an anti-static spray on your dress, spray aerosol hairspray on your dress, touch grounded metal, attach a safety pin on the inside of your skirt, apply moisturizing lotion on your body where the dress is clinging. Joelle likes to wear a slip underneath her skirts and dresses if they are full of static. It is the only sure way she has found for keeping a skirt from clinging to her body. An added bonus, you can buy a slip that has a lace extender (as in the photo) so you can see the cute lace peeking out from under your skirt/dress.

If you insist on wearing a clingy skirt/dress, then this is my rating:

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