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I wish female humans would understand that leggings are to be worn UNDER something as in a dress, skirt, long tunic, etc. When you wear them as pants, you look like you forgot the rest of your outfit. You look even more ridiculous when said leggings have a sheen to them like the aerobic spandex pants of the 80’s. I wasn’t alive then, but Joelle assures me it was truly a scary time fashion wise. And those that do not have perfect bodies, (which are most of us) or have a bit of “junk in the trunk”, when you walk it looks like two pigs fighting in a sack. I really don’t need to see this and no one else does either. So please be kind to the environment and mankind (and us dogs) and cover up your bumper. Not only will you look better, I will not want to bite your bum thinking it’s alive.



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I am Joelle's co-blogger. I will play fetch any time day or night. I write Friday's Faux Paw telling everyone what not to do style wise. Woof.


  1. I am with you on this all the way. I have seen women out and about in leggings and a T-shirt that need to be wearing a maxi skirt! Then there is my 16-year-old niece – beautiful hair in a blond braid, beautiful face with no make up and a crop top with leggings. Yes, her physique is slim and toned but I am sickened by the thought that a (dirty old) man will use her image in his sick fantasies.
    Of course, I am an old, out-of-date auntie and could not possibly have anything relevant to say!

    • You’re definitely not an “out-of-date auntie” but rather someone who knows something about dressing appropriately and in style. It’s so true that the younger generation never want to listen to Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, etc. Maybe she’d listen to a fashion forward Boston terrier? Woof.

  2. I completely agree with you!!

  3. I totally agree!

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