Friday’s Faux Paw

If it doesn’t fit you must acquit! While that may have been a popular saying years ago at the OJ Simpson trial, the same holds true in fashion to this day. In case you don’t know, the majority of humans cannot buy directly off the rack and get the clothing to perfectly fit. Yes I’m talking to all the ladies that think they have weird bodies. It is not you, it is the clothes! They are made based on what the industry thinks is a standard size. They will fit many people but not all people. Doesn’t that make you feel better? I know when Joelle realized this gem of information she became rather happy. So unless you are scared of looking good, go and find yourself a good tailor. Otherwise your most expensive outfit (like Gwyneth shown here) that doesn’t fit well will look cheap. Good tailoring means you can spend less get the outfit tailored and look like a million bucks. If you don’t, you deserve this rating: 

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