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In order to provide for my family, I receive compensation from select advertising, sponsored posts, and affiliate relationships. From time to time I post editorial content that is paid for by the advertisers, written by me or by the advertiser, and then edited by me. Any post that I receive compensation for (monetary or good and services), will be marked as a sponsored post. I provide objective and honest reviews on many products including skin care, beauty, shoes, jewelry, and clothing. Reviews on this blog are an honest opinion and should be viewed as such. 

If a post or article on this blog is not marked as a sponsored post then know it is something that I stand behind, am in love with, or desperately want to have. Once again, know that I always review products honestly. While you may disagree or may not be in love with the shared products as I may be, I offer you the chance to make an informed decision. Comments and feedback are always welcomed even if you disagree, but please be respectful.

I maintain an affiliate relationship with brands, sites, and products featured on this site. Many of the links contained on this site are affiliate marketing links. If you buy from these links I receive a small commission. 

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