Tuesday’s Outfit Of The Week

Tuesday’s OOTW – Dots Right!

I love a colourful background to take my Outfit Of The Week. This wall in my hometown of Saskatoon fit the bill nicely. Because the wall is so busy, I thought it would be good to wear a simple outfit ...

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Tuesday’s OOTW – Fabloomus!

Am I starting to run out of cute pun titles for my OOTW, or am I just super tired? I think it’s the latter. It’s been a very stressful three months in our family. As today is the first day ...

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Tuesday’s OOTW – Peaceful Waters

I have had a demanding, rough past seven days. My next door neighbour has worked on his truck with grinding instruments each night for two hours, my toddler won’t sleep and throws tantrums, I’ve dealt with idiots at web site ...

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