This & That Thursdays

My Fall Picks

The first day of fall is September 21st, and I am still shopping to update my wardrobe. Here are some of things that are currently on my radar: Tan Hat eBay $5 // Black Lace-Up Top eBay $8 // Wine ...

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I Am Sick Of These Six Trends!

Zeke the Boston Terrier here! I know today isn’t Friday, but Joelle has been under the weather again and got me to pitch in and write a post for her. Trends are a great way of staying informed and current. ...

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Bella’s Treasure Gingham Style

This is a sponsored post. I’ll bet you now have Gangnam Style stuck in your head now, right? Well if you didn’t NOW you do! If you’ve missed out, I have written about an awesome Canadian Jewelry company called Bella’s ...

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