This & That Thursdays

How I Practice Self-Care

It’s been a rough few weeks. A show where I sold my jewelry ended up not making as much as I hoped, finances in our household are tight, Tim’s health has been poor, James isn’t sleeping well – hence none ...

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Best Chili Recipe EVER!!

Okay. You’re probably asking yourself “What the *insert expletive* is Joelle doing? Is she actually going to share a chili recipe on her fashion/beauty blog?!?!” Well in short, the answer is “Yes.” Yes I am going to share the BEST ...

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It Is Well With My Soul

It sure has been a rough few weeks. First my mother-in-law suffered a heart attack then passed away. Tim failed his treadmill stress test and had to get an angiogram (the test where they shoot dye through you to see ...

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