Tuesday’s OOTW – Jump For Joy!

I’m deliriously happy that jumpsuits/rompers have come back in a very big way. One piece dressing on the run is awesome when you have a wee bundle of craziness (Love you James!) and very little time to pick out different ...

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Tuesday’s OOTW – At The OK Coral

Yes the title of this post is a play on words. Why? Because I like a play on words. And it’s my blog. Well actually our blog, but Zeke doesn’t seem to mind my idiosyncrasies. If you’re a regular reader of ...

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Why was I hospitalized recently?

In case you haven’t read our last post, I want you to know that Zeke and I are on holidays until the end of July. Yes it’s summer finally and we love it (Zeke is outside lying in the sun ...

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